Institute for Complex Systems - Tor Vergata - CNR

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ISC Tor Vergata

Welcome to the ISC-Tor Vergata Unit

The section ISC of Tor Vergata uses the work of staff coming in part by Research Institute of Acoustics and in part by the Institute of Structure of Matter. The research activities conducted at the area of Tor Vergata (in collaboration with other sections ISC) are: anelastic and dielectric spectroscopy of complex materials. Growth and acoustic measurements of complex materials and optical spectroscopy of nanostructured semiconductive organic molecules. Mechanical properties of disordered media. Study of confined systems, quasi-crystalline, disordered, adsorbates, and conductive polymers, electronic spectroscopy, scanning microscopy, X-ray diffraction and neutron matter in hydrogen technologies and innovative systems for training and technological support to public administrations and businesses